Designation of Origin “Aceite del Bajo Aragón” Regulatory Council

The Association for the Defense and Promotion of the Bajo Aragon Olive Oil (A.D.A.B.A) was interested on having a specific reglament to protect and warrant the quality of their production, so given the social and economic importance of the olive oil production, it solicit the creation of the Denomination of Origin “Bajo Aragón Oil”.

For this reason, and in accordance with the Autonomous Community of Aragon on the regulation of D.O’s, the provisional Regulatory Council of the Designation of Origin “Aceite del Bajo Aragón” was created (B.O.A. No. 79 of 23 June 1999), with definitive recognition by the European Commission in October 2001. This Regulatory Council is made up of the following persons:

President of the DO Aceite de Oliva del Bajo AragónAlfredo Caldú Celma
Vice-president DO Aceite del Bajo AragónRamón González Bielsa
DO Secretary and DO Aceite del Bajo Aragón Technical DirectorJuan Baseda Torruella
Members representing the Production SectorRoberto Pueyo Pueyo
Javier Sánchez Pedrós
Arturo Peris Badía
Members representing the mills and bottling companiesAlejandra Jaime Martínez (Almazara de Jaime S.L.)
Antonio García Más (Soc. Coop. Agrícola San Lorenzo)
Florentino Alfonso Casas (Florentino Alfonso Casas)
Joaquín Riba Torrente (Coop. de Aceites del Matarraña, S.C.L)
Pedro Sancho Faci (Coop. del Mezquín, S.C.L)
Gabriel Alcober Dilla (Fernando Alcober e Hijos, S.A)
Ramón González Bielsa (La Calandina, S.C.L)